What Should I Submit to the PASS Summit?


Our industry’s biggest conference, the PASS Summit 2020, just opened their pre-conference workshop call for speakers.

I’m going to submit a couple of sessions, but I want to hear from you first: if you were going to try to convince your boss to buy you a pre-conference workshop at Summit, what would be the topics that your boss would be the most interested in having you learn?

  1. What task do you need to learn more about? (Not concept – task, as in, what’s the specific thing you’re going to do.)
  2. What level of knowledge are you walking in with? (Have you done the task before, or is this your first time?)
  3. What’s your favorite mix of lecture vs lab? If you had the choice between learning more with just lectures, or learning less but getting some hands-on lab time, which would you prefer? (There are only so many hours in a workshop, and every hour you’re working on a lab is one less hour of lecture, so I want to build the right mix for you)

Answer in the comments, and let’s see if I can build a session that works for you.

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  • I need to learn more about how to work with Powershell, I know very little and especially how to use it to help automate SQL Server tasks. Tasks such as SQL Server installations, patchs, and other fun jobs. Labs are great, Learn by doing, Even learning a little in a classroom and spur you on to learn more outside the class.

  • Peter Åkerlund
    February 13, 2020 5:42 am

    I should like to learn more about finding out what is slowing down the database and strategies to fix different scenarios. I have some knowledge about this task and have been working with it for some time.
    Sure labs are great but in a one day workshop I should prefer more lectures including demos. Maybe material for the labs could be included to be done afterwards in your own time.

  • I’d like to learn more about how to play with others: Integrating sql server with JSON and python.

  • I would like to know more about managing AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Configuring quorum. Configuring/using readable secondaries. Offloading work to the secondary; backups, reporting. Configuring maintenance tasks to recognize if they are running from the primary or secondary. Every time I change an AAG maintenance plan I have to re-add ‘Check for Primary’ or ‘Check for Preferred’ steps to my jobs. Configuring nodes at remote sites. Etc.

    Thank you for asking.


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