Voting Open for #SQLBits Sessions, and Here’s My Oddball Idea


Voting is open now for SQLBits sessions, and I have to warn you that there are a LOT of sessions to choose from. Bits doesn’t just flat out take the top vote-getting sessions – they use votes as part of the session selection factor – and I don’t want you to think I’m campaigning for votes.

In fact…it’s kinda the opposite.

See, this year, Bits suggested that we offer multi-part sessions: several sessions in a row that build on each other. A few years back, I gave a half-day 500 Level Guide to Career Internals session at the PASS Summit, and it was really fulfilling. I figured, why not try breaking that up and updating it? Here’s the new 3-part series:

They’re meant to build on top of each other, layering in more details in each subsequent session. If these get picked, I fully expect attendance to drop down through the sessions – my goal is to give people enough information to decide whether the next session is right for them. Not everyone is going to be willing to take this kind of journey, but at least attendees will feel more comfortable about making the compromises necessary to get financial independence earlier.

So if you want those sessions, great – vote for ’em. But if you don’t, take a few moments to search through the abstract list and cast votes for sessions you DO want to see, whether they’re mine or not. Picking the right material is hard – conference organizers have a hell of a job – and this is the part where you can help. I know it’s not easy – there are a lot of submissions – but you really can help.

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