Contest: What’s Your Worst Database Horror Story?


At SQL Intersection in Orlando last week, a few of us were sitting around a table talking shop. One thing led to another, and as so often happens at conferences, we started talking about our worst scars from database misfortunes.

That got me thinking – I could kinda bring that fun experience to y’all here at the blog. Even if you can’t go to a conference, you can still have the fun of commiserating with your peers. Leave your comment here with your worst database horror story.

Nothing's wrong, everything's fine
One of the very rare safe-for-work gifs from the very not-safe-for-work Swear Trek

Just a few ground rules:

1: Keep it anonymous-ish. Don’t put details in here that your manager wouldn’t want to see out in public.

2: Don’t throw anybody under the bus. Remember that your fellow coworker might be reading this, and they might recognize the scenario. (I’m being polite. I’m really just trying to make sure your fellow coworkers don’t throw YOU under the bus. We’ve all had our days, am I right? Especially you.)

3. It needs to involve you and databases. And no, I don’t really wanna hear about how your data was involved in somebody’s data breach, hahaha. We’re to the point where newspapers are going to start including a “data breach” section just like they do a sports section.

This weekend, I’ll read through the comments and pick 5 of my favorites to be re-published in a blog post next week. Those 5 commenters will get their choice of a Recorded Class Season Pass or the Consultant Toolkit. My judgment is final. Not good, just final.

I’ll go make the popcorn.