Erik and Tara Are Heading Out

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The rock stars.

About two years ago, I realized I didn’t have the skills to grow the consulting part of the company to become a 10-employee firm, so I laid off Angie, Doug, and Jessica. This year, I made the tough decision to close the consulting side of the business entirely. I’ll be focusing on training and SQL ConstantCare®.

That means Erik Darling and Tara Kizer will be seeking other adventures. I’m going to miss them terribly – they’re just phenomenal people. Yeah, sure, they’re complete SQL Server professionals, but they’re also awesome coworkers, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They’re amazing.

If you’d like to get in touch with two of the smartest data professionals around, email Erik at and Tara at

(Erik is also a blogging MACHINE, and he’s written a lot of good stuff that still needs to see the light of day. That means for the rest of the day, we’ll publish a new post from him every hour until his queue is emptied out. Let the publishing commence!)

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