Building SQL ConstantCare®: Separating Out the Videos

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When we started offering SQL ConstantCare®, our mentoring service, I wanted to make our web site as simple as practical. Too many choices can paralyze people (and a great place to read more about that is The Paradox of Choice.)

To streamline your options, I just bundled all of our self-paced recorded training videos in a package with SQL ConstantCare, and that was that. If you wanted the training, you could either get it all for $95/mo, or $895/year – but it also included SQL ConstantCare®. It was all one package.

I immediately started getting emails that sounded like:

I want just one of the training videos, and I’m not allowed to install software at work. Can I buy just one of the videos without any software?

I fought it for quite a while, encouraging folks to just sign up for a monthly subscription. It just didn’t work – people couldn’t budget enough time to watch the longer courses inside the span of a single month.

Recorded Class Season PassSo starting now, our self-paced recorded videos are available individually again, and we’ve got a new Recorded Class Season Pass that lets you get ’em all for a year.

But, uh, I’ll tell you a secret: Black Friday is coming. Every year, we run a sale during November where we dramatically reduce prices. Feel free to poke around, maybe start talking to your manager about which classes you’re interested in (or even our live classes) – and start warming up that credit card. On November 1st, we’ll make you a deal.

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