New Speed Controls for Training Videos

All of our training classes include Instant Replay, the ability to watch a recorded version of your training class as soon as you buy. This lets you start learning right away, prepping for the live class, and then you get to see an updated version after the live class finishes, too.

Our students keep telling us how valuable this is because work calls them away for a few minutes, which turns out to be a few hours, which turns out to be an entire day.

Now, you can control the playback speed on those videos, too. Able to focus completely? Play the videos at 1.5x or 2x speed. Wanna leave them playing in the background, gradually absorbing stuff? Leave them at 1x.

Just click the gear icon when you’re watching a video:

Click the gear icon at the bottom right

And choose your playback speed:

Like time travel, only better

This works on all of our classes – both the live online ones, and the Recorded Class Season Pass. To celebrate, we’re offering $1,000 off all our multi-day live classes through the end of February. See you in class!

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  • Pluralsight has a similar but more awesome feature in their video player. You can control playback speed in 0.1x increments and the speed can be controlled using the keyboard. They also have skip forward and backward commands on the keyboard. It can really help you micromanage your playback experience, tweaking the speed of knowledge absorption based to the absolute maximum without overloading. I don’t know if your video player is something you are creating or if its 3rd party, but these might be great options for the next revision.

  • “I feel the need, the need for speed!”

  • The problem is that you could end up with the situation of Brent sucking some helium during the course or having the video slightly faster. If you had both, it’d be Brent the Chipmunk 🙂


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