New System Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2017

Got a few new stored procs for columnstore indexes:

  • sp_add_columnstore_column_dictionary – input params for @table_id, @column_id
  • sp_is_columnstore_column_dictionary_enabled – as above, plus output param for @is_enabled bit
  • sp_remove_columnstore_column_dictionary – input params for @table_id, @column_id

And a couple for snapshot views (which appear to be related to the new snapshot messages in sys.messages)

  • sp_refresh_single_snapshot_view – input param for @view_name nvarchar(261) (!), @rgCode int
  • sp_refresh_snapshot_views – input param for @rgCode int

To see the public portions of their source code, hit up master.sys.all_sql_modules. Documentation doesn’t appear to be live yet at, nor in the Github repo.

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