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At this time of year, with the PASS Summit and SQL Intersections and Black Friday rapidly approaching, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of all the fun. Many of us are lucky enough to work at for-profit companies that pay well, send their employees to training classes, and buy them tools to do their job better.

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Time for the heart.

This post is not for those lucky folks.

This post is for you, the data professionals at charities and non-profits like some of our past scholarship winners from 2016 and 2017:

If you’re a data professional at an organization like that, we want to help you. (We also want to high-five you, hug you, and put a post-it note on your monitor that says, “Please keep up the good work because the world needs you, but also please take care of yourself because we want you to be around as long as possible.” (It would be a big post-it note.))

Our scholarship program is pretty simple: you get access to all the training we offer next year, live and recorded.

The fine print:

  • You must already have a job working with SQL Server.
  • You must work for a foundation, non-profit, charity, or similar company that’s doing good work. It can totally be a for-profit company, just as long as they’re making a difference. (If you work for Ginormous Profitable Global Corporation, forget it.)
  • Your company or government rules must allow you to receive free training. (Some companies prohibit their employees from accepting gifts.)

Update: Applications are closed.

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