Kickstarter-Style Ideas for our PASS Summit Pre-Con

SQL Server

Boy, have I got a weird challenge for you, dear reader.

When Erik & I started building Expert Performance Tuning for SQL Server 2016 & 2017, our PASS Summit pre-con, I talked with the PASS staff about the attendance record for pre-cons. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had the biggest pre-con ever?”

Turns out the record attendance number is 269. Gulp. That’s a pretty big number to beat, especially when pre-con sales might be down this year given the Halloween date, and the fact that there’s a good lineup of pre-cons on Tuesday. So you can imagine my surprise when I asked for a sales update last week, and…

Sure, they look trustworthy

You’ve already bought 279 seats.

You beat the record, and we’re still over a month out from the event!

So that got us to thinking in the company chat room: what would it be like to run a Kickstarter-type set of stretch goals? What would you folks want if we hit 300, 350, or 400 attendees?

Keep in mind that they shouldn’t be bulky physical items like t-shirts or hoodies because we can’t easily drag 300 t-shirts into the conference center. But what about virtual goods, or small things that are easy to carry in?

We’re already giving every attendee an Enterprise/Everything Bundle for 1 year, but here’s some of the other things we’ve thought about as stretch goals:

  • Longer bundle access (say, 2 years or 3)
  • Bundle access for a friend, too
  • Special 1-time-only commemorative stickers

That’s where you come in, dear reader: what would you want? We’ll pick our favorites this week, and if you were the first one to suggest something we end up doing, we’ll give you a free Enterprise/Everything Bundle too.

Update – here’s the goals we came up with.

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