#PASSSummit Expert Performance Tuning Pre-Con: Stretch Goals

Sure, they look trustworthy

Eric and I are doing a PASS Summit pre-con class called Expert Performance Tuning for SQL Server 2016 & 2017. To encourage signups, we’re giving every attendee a free Enterprise/Everything Bundle, plus some other surprises you’ll get during the event.

Response has been absolutely bonkers – over 300 of you have registered, making it PASS’s highest-selling pre-con ever.

So we thought, why not give you some Kickstarter-style stretch goals, extra benefits you get if attendance goes even higher?

At 325 – free recording of the class – when Erik & I do the online version of the course in November, we’ll record it for Instant Replay, and the Summit attendees will get access to that for 1 year.

At 350 – repeat the pre-con online – attendees get one free seat in the online version of the class in November, January, or April. You can use this yourself to catch up on parts that you didn’t quite absorb the first time, or give to a friend so they can get their learn on.

At 375 – free 1-day online class designed by you – we’ll give the attendees a menu of our training presentations to pick from, let them vote on their favorites, and then deliver it online with Instant Replay recordings included. You’ll be able to pick from topics like query tuning, wait stats, index design, and more.

At 400 – the online class will be TWO days long – same as above, but you get to pick more training presentations. Am I insane to give away a $1,995 value to every pre-con attendee? Probably. But if you people make this crazy stretch goal happen, then you deserve it. No Summit pre-con has ever broken 300 attendees before, let alone 400, so if you can pull it off, then you deserve something spectacular.

If the class sells out – the online class will be THREE days long. If PASS says there’s so many registrations that they have to stop taking new ones, then we’ll pull out all the stops and pour training into your brains for days.

Current registrations: 339 as of Sept 29! Wanna get the stretch goals? Send the pre-con info to a friend, get the word out, and let’s have fun in Seattle!

Update 2017/10/06 – congratulations, folks, you sold it out! Attendees will get to design their own 3-day online class.

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