SQL Server 2017 Release Date: May 31?

SQL Server 2017

At the SQLbits conference in the UK, Victoria Holt sat in on a session about the State of the SQL Nation. She writes:

“SQL Server vNext will be launched this year with the UK launch 31 May 2017.”

Keep in mind that “launch” is a marketing term, very different from “release.” (Even “release” is tricky because the code can be released to manufacturing without being available to download publicly.)

Victoria’s post also lays out what’s new in vNext. I don’t think it’s a list that’ll get most conventional DBAs excited, but Linux & Docker support had to have been challenging enough for Microsoft already. (Example: last month’s CTP 1.4 release fixed GETDATE() and introduced VDI support for backup software.)

A May marketing launch would tie in nicely with PASS’s delayed call for Summit speakers, too. It gives the community the best chance to build sessions that will be highly relevant when October rolls around. (Granted, this also means speakers will be building session content for things they haven’t actually done in real-life customer implementations, but that’s how it always is with brand new technology – folks have to kick it around in the lab and then guess how it’ll work in real life. It is what it is.)

Update April 19 – Microsoft’s marketing material is now officially referring to it as SQL Server 2017:

It’s official – SQL Server 2017
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