New SQL Server First Responder Kit for 2016-07

SQL Server 2012 SP3, 2014 SP2, and 2016 users are going to find a lot of stuff to love in here. The new per-query memory grants fields in the plan cache are exposed in sp_BlitzCache, and sp_BlitzFirst also shows memory grants for live running queries in @ExpertMode = 1. Here’s the details:

sp_BlitzCache v3.1:

  • Show cost for stored procedures. #339
  • Warn about trace flags added at the query level, and global trace flags. #361
  • Add warnings about Remote Queries. #315
  • Do not show Forced Plans warning if the real cause is forced parameterization. #343
  • Fix divide-by-zero error if Cost Threshold for Parallelism is 0. #358
  • Fix warning for unparameterized query. #334

sp_BlitzFirst v25 (The Artist Formerly Known as sp_BlitzFirst):

  • Add new memory grants columns to 2012-2016 live queries output. #362
  • Add SQL login to live queries output. #354
  • Filter Perfmon counter display to skip counters with zeroes. Still logged to table though. #356

sp_Blitz v53.1:

  • Warn about 2016 Query Store cleanup bug in Standard, Evaluation, Express. #352
  • Updating list of supported SQL Server versions. #344
  • Fixing bug in wait stats percentages. #324

sp_BlitzIndex v4.1:

  • Compression information in @Mode = 2. #18
  • Use recently-modified check to improve indexes-not-in-use recommendations. #220
  • Alphabetical sort for @GetAllDatabases = 1, @Mode = 2 output. #351
  • Remove per-day cost filter for missing indexes in @Mode = 4. #338
  • Missing index benefit is now labeled per-day to make it more obvious. #330

To get involved with the development & testing, head over to the Github repository, or download the full First Responder Kit with our checklists & guides.

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