We’re Renaming sp_BlitzFirst. What Should the New Name Be?

First Responder Kit, SQL Server

Yesterday we announced that we’re open sourcing our free SQL Server scripts, and one of those is sp_BlitzFirst. I originally named it that because it had a funny magic-8-ball type feature: if you pass in a question as a parameter, it gives you an answer like “Outlook not so good, Access even worse.”

Cute, but now that it’s open source, it’s time to give it a name that matches the important stuff it does.

Here’s what sp_BlitzFirst does:

sp_BlitzFirst with no parameters gives you a prioritized list of reasons why your SQL Server is slow right now, like a backup running, rollback happening, a data or log file growing, a long-running query blocking others, extremely high CPU use, etc.

sp_BlitzFirst @SinceStartup = 1 shows your wait types, file stats, and Perfmon counter activity since startup.

sp_BlitzFirst @OutputDatabaseName = ‘DBAtools’, @OutputSchemaName = ‘dbo’, @OutputTableName = ‘AskBrentResults’ – plus a few other parameters – captures your wait types, file stats, and Perfmon counters into a table so you can do your own performance trending over time.

So what should we name it?

Most of our other tools start with sp_Blitz, so maybe sp_BlitzPerformanceCheck or sp_BlitzMetrics. I have no idea. But I bet you do, so put in your comments here before end of day on Friday, June 24th, 2016. We’ll pick a winner based on completely random subjective taste, and the first person who suggested that name will get a free Everything Bundle. Good luck!

Tara says: I like sp_BlitzNow. Vote for my pick, and I’ll send you some Brent Ozar Unlimited magnets. I’m kidding. Those things are heavy. Shipping will mean I can’t pay the mortgage. If my pick wins, I’ll give away the Everything Bundle to a random person that commented.

Update 2016/06/27 – the winner has been chosen! Turning off comments. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.