First Responder Kit Updated, and sp_AskBrent is now sp_BlitzFirst

We’ve released the first fully open source version of our SQL Server First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzRS, sp_BlitzTrace, and the newest member: the newly renamed sp_BlitzFirst.

I wanted to rename sp_BlitzFirst because as an open source project, it’s going to have more than just my own answers as to why your SQL Server is slow. So I asked for your naming suggestions, and we got over 300! Here’s my favorites in no particular order:

  • sp_BlitzNow – Tara Kizer
  • sp_BlitzTriage – Michael J. Swart
  • sp_BlitzPerformance – Andy Mellon
  • sp_BlitzGauge – Daryl
  • sp_BlitzDiagnose – Nick Molyneux
  • sp_BlitzyMcBlitzFace – Eric
  • sp_BlitzStatus – Paul Goldstraw
  • sp_AskCommunity – Michel Zehnder
  • sp_Blitz911 – David Hirsch
  • sp_BlitzPulse – Hondo Henriques
  • sp_BlitzFirst – Joshua Birger

So many of these were just fantastic, and I’m not gonna lie: I was this close to picking sp_BlitzyMcBlitzFace. We were joking in the company chat room that it would be hilarious to say to a client, “Now we’re going to find out why the server is slow by running sp_BlitzyMcBlitzFace.” Eric, the first suggester, wins an Everything Bundle just because.

I went with Joshua Birger’s sp_BlitzFirst because as a trainer, it instantly helps me tell the story of how the scripts work. It’s easy for me to stand up and say, “Run sp_BlitzFirst…first.” I love it, and Joshua also wins an Everything Bundle.

Go download the latest version, check out the changes, and enjoy. For questions about how the scripts work, where to chat with us, or how you can contribute, check out the readme on the project’s home page.

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  • Roman Brauchle
    June 28, 2016 10:13 am

    I got two questions
    – Will there be a sp_BlitzFirst-CheckID-List? Will there be links to things like in the future?

    – What about the eBooks, Excel and Word files that were provided with previous versions. Will this be updated in the future and availabe for free? I would miss the gread Worksheets like High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning.

    • Roman – yep, the check ID list is already in Github. Head on over and start reading the documentation, and you can learn more about that kind of thing.

      The worksheets & spreadsheets are still available, but those are still part of our own site here, and still available through our normal downloads.

  • Joshua Birger
    June 28, 2016 11:12 am

    Thank you BrentOzar! I am stoked to get down to business with the whole enchilada. Thanks for being such an invaluable resource!

  • I think you must have done some automated update of the site – this post’s title (and some of the contents) don’t make sense!

  • Jose Julio Mota Duarte
    April 26, 2022 9:04 am

    Why use the prefix sp instead of usp in stored procedures since it is a good programming practice


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