Announcing sp_BlitzIndex® v3.0, sp_Blitz® v48, More

Lots of fun stuff out this week:

sp_BlitzIndex® v3.0 adds prioritized, streamlined results. We see so many index design disasters, and we know you have a limited amount of time. Doug Lane put a ton of work into focusing the output on the most important issues, things that are easy-to-fix and will have an immediate performance improvement, and we give ’em to you in a prioritized list. This does change the output columns list.

sp_Blitz® v48 adds lots of new checks and performance tuning. Julie Citro cleaned up the RECOMPILE checks, and Erik Darling added new checks for memory dumps, BPE enabled, Agent offline, multiple XE sessions running, better poison wait time alerting, and much more. Since we’re doing more and more kCura Relativity work on servers with hundreds of databases, we’ve done tuning so that almost all of the per-database checks can be removed with @CheckUserDatabaseObjects = 0.

sp_BlitzCache® v2.5.1 fixes a tricky bug. Nick Molyneaux fixed a particularly rare and tricky INT overflow bug (and no, the answer wasn’t BIGINT), and got himself a free Everything Bundle as a thank-you.

Download our First Responder Kit with all our scripts.

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  • I tried to download the free toolkit about 15 minutes ago and haven’t seen it yet; I’ve downloaded it in the past and I don’t *think* it usually takes this long.

    I DID ask for the superpowers this time, maybe that’s what’s slowing the process? I’ll take even a simple superpower, whatever you’ve got handy…

  • Oops. It’s already here. Forgot to check those “forwarded to” email folders.

  • I run sp_BlitzCache on my server and top 1 query returned is create procedure statement? What does it mean?

    Does it mean that create procedure is so expensive? Or sp_BlitzCache returns procedure body just for convenience, so I can quickly see what’s going on in the procedure?

    • Michael – that’s pretty confusing, but it’s how SQL Server stores stored procedures. People aren’t actually creating it (I hope!) – it’s just that SQL Server has to show you the text of what’s running, and that’s the text inside the stored proc.

  • Hi Brent – I work at an organisation where we restore the prod DB to about 4 – 6 user acceptance environments. In prod we have certain table where we either truncate the data or drop the tables that are not needed – e.g. ssis logs, partitioned tables.
    Once we restore space is always an issue – and we do not run out BI loads with large volumes as in prod in the UA environments…

    Would a shrink in this scenario also be a bad idea?


  • Excellent update as usual. One thing I ran into might qualify as an additional Known Issue. This only applies to SQL 2005 instances:

    Msg 243, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_Blitz, Line 2348
    Type TIME is not a defined system type.

    I’m loving this proc though. Thanks.


  • Hello Brent,

    I loaded the sp into master and ran it, receiving:

    Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 4
    Invalid column name ‘database_id’.
    Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 19
    Invalid column name ‘open_transaction_count’.
    Now starting diagnostic analysis

    I did a little debugging, but could not determine the source of the error.

    Thought you would want to know.




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