Scaling Up Our SQL Critical Care®

SQL Server

Since we’re hiring again, it’s a good time to explain what we do and how it’s evolved over the last four years.

When your SQL Server’s performance or reliability is causing you business pain, and you can’t get the relief you want, you call us for a SQL Critical Care®. We use specialized tools we’ve built to quickly get to the root cause. Then we explain it to you in clear, friendly terms, and train you how to get permanent pain relief.

Notice how we keep using medical terms? That’s no coincidence – we’re very much like a doctor’s office. Over the course of performing hundreds of these, and because the waiting room keeps filling up, we’ve scaled this to where we treat it like a hospital.

You can tell the drugs kicked in because I'm smiling.
You can tell the drugs kicked in because I’m smiling.

Remember that time I broke my arm saving a nun from a car wreck carrying a flat panel monitor? I went into the hospital, the triage nurse made sure I wasn’t having a heart attack, then got me into radiology for scans, then a doctor reviewed the situation, and he brought in an orthopedic surgeon for a consult on whether they should operate. The hospital had all of these experts available, and they rotated in and out of the room based on my needs.

Because of our scale, we’re able to bring that same approach to SQL Server pain relief.

First, a Triage Specialist reviews your RPO and RTO objectives, learns how you use SQL Server, collects diagnostic information, and prescribes changes to avoid data loss. Then, based on what the Triage Specialist finds, they bring in different specialists. The situation calls for plan guides? You’ll get a T-SQL surgeon who’s used that unusual trick before. Need pain relief for an AG in EC2 that randomly fails over? You’ll be able to work with an AlwaysOnologist who’s built up specialized tools to diagnose it.

We couldn’t use this approach when we only had a few consultants, but now that we’re doing so many of these, fun options open up.

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  • I think you need a trademark/copyright symbol to the right of AlwaysOnologist. Anyhow I am fairly sure my TV qualifies as an AlwaysONOlogist. I will send it your way so you can give it a proper interview.

  • Sounds like an interesting position and a fun description. Glad to see you are doing well as I think some DBA work will be more and more contract/remote.

  • AlwaysOnologist – genius!! to whom do i owe the the high-five for that particular coinage?

  • I read through your “Now hiring” post, catched by the word “Remote”, until the fine print line, that reads “You have to be authorized to work lawfully in the United States for us.”

    Do you already have any client here in Europe? Are you planning to scale horizontally, crossing the pond?

    • Alberto – we do indeed have clients in Europe, but we work with them remotely over online videoconference. We don’t have plans to scale internationally at this point – we’re focusing on our US operations because they’re so much easier to scale. Thanks for asking though!

  • I like the spotting scope in the background! Don’t get caught creepin’ in windows while you’re all drugged up! Get well soon.



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