SQL Server Triage Specialist (Remote Position)

What Does a SQL Server Triage Specialist Do?

As a Triage Specialist, you’ll guide clients through our SQL Critical Care®. You’ll become the primary point of contact with each client and make sure all their questions get answered by members of our team (whether it’s you or someone else). You’ll interview each client to establish their RPO and RTO objectives, learn how they use SQL Server, collect diagnostic information from their systems, and prescribe changes to help them avoid data loss.

You’ll become an expert on SQL Server maintenance, backup, and recovery, and you’ll get to share your knowledge with our clients.

You’ll become our core Client Services wizard and make sure customers get excellent service and what they need to solve their SQL Server pains.

What Skills Do You Need to Have?

It's always serious business in the company chat room
It’s always serious business in the company chat room

The right person for this job is a Junior DBA (or helpdesk/IT generalist with Junior DBA skills) who loves to communicate, but can work remotely and independently. You like not having a commute, but are eager to jump on a conference call with your webcam to talk with a client about their pain points or explain how to improve their SQL Server. You enjoy writing and can write fun, engaging emails and documents. You can teach something and be casual at the same time.

You must love building and following processes to make sure clients get exactly what they need.

You need to be familiar with basic SQL Server and Windows administration: you’ve run lots of queries, set up SQL Server jobs, installed SQL Server and configured permissions, configured shares and permissions in Windows Server.

And you think, in the back of your head, that you’d be an awesome expert on SQL Server maintenance, backups, and recovery. And you’d love to share that with people.

Don’t Worry, You Don’t Have to Be Everything To Everyone

We want to invest in you: you don’t need to be a Senior DBA or expert yet.

You don’t have to do everything you might see some of us doing. You don’t have to present at conferences if you don’t want to. This position isn’t about query tuning. We’d love to have you in our regular Office Hours sessions, but you don’t have to record your own videos if that’s not your jam.

Our Mission

We are a small band of mighty consultants who help people with sick SQL Servers avoid data loss and improve performance. We love decoding the mysteries of technology and finding new adventures every week.

Job Benefits

  • 100% remote work
  • 6 weeks paid vacation per year plus 10 federal holidays off
  • $3,000 biennial budget for hardware and software
  • We reimburse $200/month for your internet and phone
  • Flexible schedule for times when you need to work on-call or outside of standard business hours
  • You can join in on our annual company retreat
  • Great health insurance plan at very low costs
  • We offer a SIMPLE IRA and match contributions up to 3% of your salary
  • No “business casual” days. A t-shirt is always OK!
  • There is a 95% chance you’ll have a cartoon character drawn of yourself by a professional artist in your first year with us
Bring your own unicorn
Bring your own unicorn

We want you to learn and grow. We offer training opportunities, fund certification attempts, and want to share our own knowledge and resources to help you be the best.

Oh, and did we mention? This position has no regular travel requirements – all your client work will be remote.

Obligatory Fine Print

You have to be authorized to work lawfully in the United States for us.

Can You See Yourself in This Job? Here’s how to Apply

We’re no longer accepting applications for this position.