I’m Presenting at kCura Relativity Fest 2015 in Chicago

This sounds really cheesy, but I’m honestly excited to be presenting again this year at kCura Relativity Fest 2015.

Here’s what I’ll be talking about:

How to Check Your SQL Server’s Health

The Abstract: You’re a system or database administrator responsible for the uptime and performance of Relativity’s SQL Servers, but you’ve never received professional training on SQL Server and you need to figure out if it’s safe. I’ve built up an array of free tools over the 15-plus years I’ve been working with SQL Server, and I’ll show you how to use them in this demo-packed session.

Why I’m Presenting It: For the last few years, kCura has sent me around to dozens of the biggest Relativity shops around to do a one-day SQL Critical Care®. I want to teach you that exact same process – and trust me, it’s way easier than you think. I’m not going to teach you how to put fires out – but I *am* going to teach you how to tell in just a few minutes if your server is on fire or not, and whether it’s a small trash can fire – or a big, blazing three-alarm monster.

Buying the Right Hardware for SQL Server

The Abstract: Ever wonder if there was a simple list of instructions for picking out the perfect infrastructure for Relativity at your organization? Wonder if you should use mirroring, replication, clustering, or AlwaysOn Availability Groups? Are you better off with solid state or shared storage? Is virtualization an option? Microsoft MVP Brent Ozar has worked with dozens of Relativity customers, and he’ll simplify your infrastructure options in this one-hour session.

Why I’m Presenting It: I see the same situation over and over again: your Relativity infrastructure started out small – just one SQL Server in the corner that you didn’t worry too much about – but man, has that thing grown. It’s become really important to the business, and people are stuffing data in there like it’s some kind of Chipotle data burrito. You need to buy exactly one replacement environment, and it’s gotta be right the first time. You don’t buy a lot of SQL Servers, so you want simple independent advice that you can take home to management. I’m going to hand you a few sketched-out options with budget ranges.

Want to Learn More About Relativity Fest?

Check out this video, and then head over to RelativityFest.com to register. It sells out, so move fast.

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