Steal This Slide Deck: What I Learned About SQL Server at #MSIgnite 2015

SQL Server

If you attended Microsoft Ignite in Chicago this week, you’re probably barely keeping your eyes open at this point. There’s been so many after-hours get-togethers, and it’s been tough to get any spare time between sessions. (Jeez, these things are spread out all over McCormick.)

One of the things I love about Ignite is that the videos and presentations are available during the conference itself. That makes it easy to catch up on the sessions I wasn’t able to attend, and then I can go talk to the presenters with my questions the next day.

I realized I should turn my session notes into a slide deck, and give it away. I’ll update it a couple more times this week as more sessions finish.

Attendees – you can go back to the office, and run through this deck as a lunch-and-learn with your coworkers who couldn’t go. This way, your boss will be more likely to send you back next year because you were such a good note-taker.

User group leaders – you can use this as a quick intro for your chapter, before your next meeting, to get ’em up to speed fast on SQL Server 2016.

This deck is licensed in the public domain, meaning you can do anything you want with it. Enjoy!

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