Our 2-Day SQL Server Class in Atlanta in May!

SQL Server

You’re a developer stuck managing a SQL Server that you don’t really understand.  Why is it slow?  You’ve got a hunch that it’s not really your queries, but you’re not quite sure.  You’ve tried adding indexes, but you’re not confident that they’re the right ones.  The hardware guys say they don’t see a problem, but are they right?

After two days with us, you’ll go back to the office equipped to:

  • Quickly improve the performance of your databases
  • Diagnose current problems in your T-SQL and database schema
  • Build a prioritized to-do list to share with management
  • Use powerful scripts and tools to get the answers you need

Why You’ll Love Learning with Us

We <3 databases, and our passion comes through in what we do.  We host webcasts about databases, draw posters about databases, and blog about databases.  Our mission is to make databases easier.

We love presenting at user groups and conferences, but we wanted to host a more structured class.  See, conferences are all over the place – one minute you’ve got five classes you’re trying to decide between, and then one minute you’re bored because none of the sessions are relevant to your job.  We wanted to run something with a structured agenda to teach you the most important things, in order, and get you back to work smarter than ever.

Who Should (And Shouldn’t) Go

If you control the queries, indexes, and tables for an app that stores data in SQL Server, and you’ve never had formal training for SQL Server, this class is for you.  (Not that this class is formal – no bow ties here.  Expect the same sense of oddball humor that you get here in the blog.)

If you’re a full time database administrator, you might also find this class useful – but just be aware that we won’t be discussing production administration tasks like how to set up a new SQL Server, how to implement HA/DR, etc.

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My Vanna White impression

About the Event

Classes will be held at the Embassy Suites in Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday and Friday, May 9-10, 2013.  Bring your laptop/tablet/Moleskin/Etch-a-Sketch and your endless curiosity.  We’ll feed you lunch plus coffee and snack breaks in the mid-morning and afternoon, and if you’re staying with us at the Embassy Suites, your room rate also includes breakfast too.

The class price is $1,595, but the first 20 registrants get in for just $1,395, plus a special bonus – a personalized, signed copy of Pro SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting from Brent.

Read more at the full class descriptions, and then go register.  See you in Atlanta!

Update: class is over.


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