I ___ with Brent Winners


You people are crazy.  Crazy like foxes.

Lacie Iamakey USB Drive
Lacie Iamakey USB Drive

You responded to my call for slogans with some really hilarious ones.  Here were my favorite three, each of which will win a Lacie iamakey USB drive:

  • I trololo with @BrentO – Jeremiah Peschka (with tweak by Mike, who refused to take credit for that)
  • I’m at the bar with Ozar – Rob Boek (was the first to get this in.  I know it won’t work on the button, but it’s so good I had to keep it anyway.)
  • I Costar with Ozar – 8kb

And some of my favorite runners-up, many of which I probably couldn’t sneak onto buttons but they rock anyway:

  • I Star with Ozar – David Stein (I know, so close to Costar, but Costar worked better.)
  • I crowbar with Ozar – Jeremiah Peschka
  • Stay bizarre with Ozar – Scott
  • FUBAR? Call Ozar – Bill Fellows
  • A crescendo of @BrentO – Stefan Nelson
  • Run the show with @BrentO – John Sansom
  • I Cruise with Brent – Yanni Smith (it doesn’t rhyme, but it makes more sense when you find out that she really is cruising with me)
  • I Plagiarized Brent (came up with that one myself, although only my regular readers would get it – not that any of you are regular)
  • I have B.O. – Joe Janhonen
  • SELECT * gave me Brent Ozar – Brian Tkatch
  • I can haz Ozar – Nicholas Cain
  • See that scar? Ozar. – Jen McCown

This. Was. Awesome.  You people totally made my week with your suggestions, and now my slogan cup overfloweth.

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