I ___ with Brent


I need creative help with my name.

At TechEd, Quest is promoting their MVPs and experts like Joel Oleson and Kevin Kline with a really cool series of buttons, t-shirts, and banners.  Joel and Kevin have awesome buttons:

Joel and Kevin - Awesome Buttons
Joel and Kevin - Awesome Buttons

Really cool, right?  But what on earth do we do with a guy named “Brent Ozar”?  The marketing department will never approve a button that says, “I Got Spent with Brent.”

Lacie Iamakey USB Drive
Lacie Iamakey USB Drive

So that’s where you, dear reader, come in.  Leave your best button slogan with Brent or Ozar in it, and next Monday, May 10th, I’ll pick my three favorites and announce the winners here.  I can’t promise that the marketing team will let me use my favorite one, but it’s worth a shot!

The winners will each get an 8GB Iamakey drive.  Open to US and Canada only, unfortunately – the shipping kills me.

C’mon, smart people – show me that creativity.  Don’t make me wear a button that says, “I Rent Brent.”

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