PASS Session Preview: DRP 101


I’m giving a presentation on Disaster Recovery Planning 101 at the PASS Summit in Seattle.  At past summits, I’ve struggled to pick good sessions to attend.  What’s the speaker’s real agenda?  Are they a decent speaker?  Can I see a short 3-4 minute preview of the material?

This year I’m trying an experiment.  I’m recording video previews of my sessions to help attendees decide whether it’s a good match for their skillsets.  Let me know if you find this helpful, and we might think about organizing an official video preview gallery for PASS 2010.

Disaster Recovery Planning 101

In this session, I’ll cover SQL Server high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DRP) options at a high level.  I’ll explain the differences between HA and DR, what techniques are used for each, and the pros & cons of each option.  I’ll also cover some backup best practices, since neither HA nor DR take the place of backups.  I’ll finish up with some real-life lessons-learned from ugly disasters when database outages brought down entire companies.

Here’s a video preview of me walking through the first several slides in the deck:

[media id=24 width=640 height=500]

This won’t be a hands-on session with demos – I’m covering such a large number of HA/DR options that we won’t have time to show step-by-step implementations.  Rather, this session is meant for developers and accidental DBAs who’ve never built their own cluster, replication, or log shipping solutions, and they want to understand what to learn first.

I’ll be giving this session on Wednesday, November 4th 1:30pm – 2:45pm in room 613-614.

Next Monday, I’ll follow up with another video preview & abstract – “Yes, I’m Actually Using the Cloud.”

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  • Brent,

    I love the idea of the session teaser/trailer. Most of us wouldn’t pick a movie without one, why should we pick expensive training without one.

    I am really looking forward to this session, see you in Seattle!!!

  • I’m planning on attending this one in Seattle.


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