What do you want to know about virtualization?


The PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter is working with virtualization vendors to build an FAQ, and we’re going to hand it out at the PASS Summit in November.  We’re also working on a unique Q&A panel event talking about SQL Server & virtualization – more on that shortly.

We’ve put together a one-page (well, one long page) survey asking:

  • Have you virtualized dev, production, DR, large database servers?
  • If you’ve virtualized SQL Server, what’s been the biggest benefit?
  • If you haven’t, what’s the biggest barrier?
  • What information do you need to confidently virtualize SQL Server?
  • What significant problems do virtualization vendors still have to solve?
  • Have you got any databases you’d like to virtualize, but the 3rd-party-vendor won’t support it?
  • What webcast topics would you like to see covered?

You can take the survey here.  We’d really appreciate your help.  Thanks!

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  • Hi, I ended up on this blog by looking up how to start my own blog and came across yours. I used to blog in the past at BlogSpot, but am now thinking of starting my own using WordPress with my own domain name. I’m in the technical industry as well, mostly in the QA sector, but do a lot of reports development and SQL Server DBA work as well (as well as IT admin and some web development on the side, and hardware customizing – i.e. building my own servers, desktops, and laptops).

    Anyways, I took the survey, good luck!


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