How do you name your computers?


I name my computers after Sesame Street and Muppet Show characters.  Big Bird has historically been my workstation – at the moment, it’s an Apple Macbook Pro from 2008, the original all-silver design.  The rest are a revolving mix:


  • Gonzo – a Dell Latitude D830 laptop that acts as a backup workstation.
  • CookieMonster – a Dell PowerEdge 1900 server that weighs over a hundred pounds. No, really. Acts as my VMware host.
  • SwedishChef – a Dell OptiPlex 755 running Windows and Vizioncore’s vRanger Pro (a VMware backup tool from a Quest subsidiary).  The Swedish Chef has long been my favorite Muppet Show character, and I just had to name my vRanger server after him because I rely on it when things are bork-bork-borked.

How do you name your machines?

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  • Having grown up in New England in the 80’s I was/am a huge Boston Celtics fan so I name my computers after the best team of the Bird era, the 1986 team. So I currently have Bird, McHale, and Ainge. In the past I have had Parish and I have external networked hard drive that is KCJONES the coach.

  • Up until recently, I named all of my computers after pokemon, mainly because it made me laugh whenever I had to connect remotely to one of them. Laptops were named after flying pokemon, desktops/servers were named after variations of pikcahu. That being said, I’ve never actually watched a single episode pokemon or played the games.

    These days, I name them after ships from Iain M. Banks’s science fiction novels. My last computer was called The Algebraist, the current one is Liveware Problem.

  • Workstations I’ve always had a boring naming scheme i.e. COMPANY-01. But with names of servers I’ve gone with the names of Jupiter’s Moons

  • HA! So far I like Jeremiah’s pokemon one. That would be hilarious to yell out during disaster recovery tests.

  • LOTR Characters: Sauron is my big black 17″ Dell, Gandalf and Elrond as CPUs, while my roaming laptops are Samwise and Frodo. Zune = Bombadil.

  • i definitely name my home machines after The Legend of Zelda characters (i.e. Link, Zelda, etc.) and at work we use Dilbert (Mordac, ASOK, Ratbert, etc.)…i love naming machines!!! and we don’t reuse either, until we run out that is, each new machine that comes in gets its own personal name.

  • We have movies/actors @ work. I don’t have one @ home but this post has me thinking of brainstorming one.

  • Airborne Geek
    April 23, 2009 8:45 am

    My main workstation at home gets named the old codename for whatever CPU it has–Presler is the current iteration, before that it was Coppermine (yeah, I don’t upgrade very often). Everything else gets pet-named similar to its function: Dumbwaiter == file server, the-entertainer == HTPC.

    I’ve never worked at a place that pet-names servers, it’s always some alpha-numeric code based on where it is/what it does/sequence number.

  • Hi,

    I have four computers and their names are as following.

    1) XPS – My laptop always with me.
    2) Pinal – Computer which my wife uses.
    3) Backup – A standby computer – you never know when you need them.
    4) SQLAuthority – I primary computer – two 22″ monitors and one superior configurations.


  • Call me paranoid, but I avoid copyrighted character names for servers.

  • I’m not doing anything interesting now, but I have at times named them after Star Wars characters.

    I didn’t know that you were a Muppet fan. I made a Muppet reference on my blog some time ago.

    It’s near the bottom.

  • I have found that using hostnames that consist entirely of Unicode characters formed by pressing ALT+num pad key sequences to be the most scalable across the enterprise. Or The Simpsons.

  • My Sys admins decided to name the computers in our QA lab after Pokemon characters… there are literally hundreds of them (Pokemon characters), so we should be good when we expand!

  • Several years ago, I worked at a site that had three servers: Apollo, Bacchus and Chronos. When it came time to add a fourth server, we decided to name it after the god of clueless users: Doofus.

  • Jesus DeLaTorre
    April 23, 2009 12:38 pm

    VS Models
    Gisele, Marisa, Adriana, Alessandra

  • In the enterprise we are boring and name them after where they are located, what they do and what number they are.


    My wife likes to name hers after random things she likes, i.e. butterfly…

  • President names are plentiful, powerful sounding, and educational. Email subjects such as “Please patch Adams” can brighten mildly mind-numbing tasks. However, we found that we all had to be careful with our language when using Amazon’s S3 and we wanted to terminate an instance.

  • Charles Hepner
    April 23, 2009 6:31 pm

    Characters from the Iliad or the Odyssey: priam, hector, achilles, and so on.

  • Cannoli in Transit
    April 23, 2009 10:56 pm

    I was infamous at my last job for naming the servers after game shows. It started when goofing around about the old “Match Game” show with Gene Rayburn, and went from there. There was a tenuous connection connection between some of the names and reality: “letsmakeadeal” was for transactional data, and “matchgame” was for analytical queries, and “password” and “passwordplus” were domain controllers. One time I was in the Newark airport changing planes (going on a personal trip) when there was a SAN failure. My boss told me to buy the next ticket home, and while I was in line, I was on the phone trying to walk someone onsite through recovery. I wondered what everyone else in line made of a conversation telling someone to get a file from “wheel of fortune,” copy it to “gong show,” then restart “press your luck” but be sure to leave “blockbusters” for last.

    Given the white-knuckle nature of that job, the last one was particularly apt.

  • At university we had an entire lab of machines named after moons in the solar system.

    At the moment I have at home the following:
    Myrlin – Desktop
    Camelot – FileServer/AD/Sharepoint server
    Excalibur – Laptop

    I haven’t named either Zune or XBox.

  • That’s awesome! And hilarious.

    Mine are usually based on some kind of personality trait of the computer, its service, or its color. I’ve had Cheshire, Silva, Indigo, Unity, Z, Max, Charlie, Piece of Shit, etc. I recently had a Mr. Potato Head until we found out a virus was named that and the name was confusing my antivirus software. I don’t remember what he is renamed.

  • I didn’t name these, but they are kind of funny:

  • Nathan Marley
    April 27, 2009 2:22 am

    LOTR place names. My Linux server is minastirith, Vista laptop is bagend, and Macbook is lorien.

  • Boringly, I’ve gotten into the habit of naming my computers after composers.

    My Dell Latitude D830 is Strauss.
    My aging desktop is Rachmaninov.
    I had a Dell PowerEdge called Shostakovich, and a previous desktop was Beethoven.

  • I’ve found that if we don’t name it after something that it does then someone will eventually screw something up.

  • My current Win7 laptop is Starbuck from BSG. My other stuff is based on Bourne Identity (this laptop used to be Bourne, wireless is Treadstone, etc.). I have no set theme, just whatever I feel like. My desktop is Bauer.

  • For years, I named my computers after favorite rock bands. The first one that came to mind when I started was Missing Persons. So the first computer was named Missing. Which proved to be a little problem when I called IT when I was having trouble getting it to join the corporate domain. “What’s the name of your computer?” “It’s Missing.” “Well, you need to give it a name first.” Hilarity fails to ensue.

  • Wombat – laptop
    Redback – Desktop Machine
    Platypus – VM host


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