New SQL Server Editions – #sqleditions


In the Quest booth at the SSWUG Virtual Conference, somehow we got started naming new editions of SQL Server, and I just had to move the discussion into Twitter to let everybody else in on the fun.

Here’s been some of the funny ones:

  • SQL Server MVP Edition: <NDA> (sorry I can’t tell you what it does) – BenchmarkIT
  • SQL Server Google Edition: Returns 10,000,000 results, most of them duplicates. – BradDBA
  • SQL Server General Motors Edition: it costs $3 billion. Wait, $4 billion. Hang on, I think it’s $12 billion. – BrentO
  • SQL Server Apple Edition: It looks good and works perfectly right out of the box. Pity about the price tag. – PeschkaJ
  • SQL Server Paris Hilton Edition: No security… EVERYONE gets in 🙂 – BenchmarkIT
  • SQL Server FriendFeed Edition: Friends and random people can comment on how good your data is – carpdeus
  • SQL Server Foreign Nightclub Edn: works great, but one morning you wake up in a bathtub and your tables are gone. – BrentO
  • SQL Server Ozar edition: I know there’s good data in there, but each query just keeps coming back with witty snark instead. – BrianArn

You can read the #sqleditions in real time on Twitter as they come in.  To join the fun, just Tweet with #sqleditions in your tweet and it’ll be shown in the feed.

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