Ozar Family Portraits

The Ozars
The Ozars

We had a photographer come to Dad & Caryl’s house over the holidays while we were there with my sister and her stepson, and you can check out our family portraits on Flickr.

The amazing part: this is the first actual picture of Erika (my better half) that I’ve been allowed to post online!  She’s rabidly anti-publicity and doesn’t like her photo taken, but she liked these enough to let ’em go online.  She’s the one at the bottom left of this photo.

I know, right? She’s totally beautiful – that’s even my nickname for her – but she just doesn’t like her photos online.  So there you go – she really does exist, and yeah, she’s a cutie.

My hat, not so much.  Caryl, my stepmom (right above Erika) got us all gloves and hats for Christmas to wear for the photos.  And of course, wouldn’t you know it, she’s the only one in the photo who doesn’t have a hat on!  Didn’t notice that until just now.

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