Tom LaRock and Pat Wright now on PASS Board of Directors!

Yes We Can!
Yes We Can!

Congratulations to Tom LaRock, aka SQLBatman, and Pat Wright, aka SQLAsylum, who just got into the PASS Board of Directors!  Two board members had resigned, and Pat & Tom was appointed to one of those two positions.  I’m excited because I believe these guys will make great board members, and I’m even more excited to see that the PASS Board saw that same thing.

Everybody I’ve met on the PASS Board has been enthusiastically dedicated to the community.  These people pour their heart, soul and spare time into helping SQL Server DBAs all over the world, and for every one of the directors, there’s dozens of people in the PASS volunteer organization doing the same thing.  I just can’t encourage DBAs enough to sign up for a free PASS membership and to attend the PASS Summit next year if they can.

Tom’s blog post about making the board shows that he’s also going to be a great politician.  He says:

“A very special thanks to my consigliere, Brent Ozar. His guidance as my campaign strategist was invaluable…”

Let me translate that into layman’s terms:

“If you’re looking for bad campaign ideas that will make sure you lose, talk to Brent.  His advice is worthless.”

Hahaha, I kiiiid, I kiiiid.  (Not really.)

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