PerformancePoint is very important to us, so…


At a former company (not Quest), a memo came out from the head honcho.  It went a little something like this:

Training is really important to us.  We have to make sure absolutely everybody in every department of the company is fully trained.  It should be completely ingrained in what every department does.

In order to achieve that goal, we’re going to embed the Training Department team members in each department of the company.  Jane will be moved into the BI group, Joe will be moved into the Web group, etc….

We all got a big chuckle out of it, because we understood what was really happening.  The Training Department was being vaporized without anybody having to actually say, “We don’t really need a Training Department.”  Everybody needed help in their departments, and the former trainers would be gradually tasked with more and more non-training jobs, picking up workload.  It was a way to cut costs without directly cutting costs.

Today, Microsoft made an announcement about PerformancePoint.  I know you don’t really want to click that link, so I’ll paraphrase it for you here:

PerformancePoint is really important to us.  We want to help every one of our customers monitors their performance.

In order to achieve that goal, we’re going to embed PerformancePoint into SharePoint.

Gotcha.  Say no more.

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  • if it werent true it was funny

  • Microsoft has now left the CPM market. MS support of Enterprise budgeting-forecasting and financial consolidation is now non-existing. I have heard that they of some reason now start selling Enterprise Reporting again, a 15 year old non supported, dead software product…Great!

    I can compare the rules the functionality and the logic with the architecture from both Cognos and Hyperion, and Microsoft was really on to something here. PPS Planning was extremely flexible, and it also gave you control like no other solution today. And the technical architecture was great compared to the competition, the competition is really lipstick on a pig, mostly old stuff.

    The problem was the product roll-out, selling CPM solutions is different from selling share point or office, the organization just started to get going, and great things were on the way.

    With PerformancePoint Planning Microsoft boldly entered the CPM market, with big words and grand strategies, to go head to head against Oracle and IBM. Today just one year after the grand product release, they bail out, in the shade of the night leaving the CPM market on walk over to the benefit of Oracle, SAP and IBM. This is hard to understand.

  • Ok, not enough sun and warmth seems to making you a bit cynical. Methinks you need to go south young (well sort of) man. 🙂

  • i wnt to learn ms office performance point,how to easily learn this pps -2010,please send some pdf docs of this msbi with pps 2010

    thnks & rgrds


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