What would you ask Microsoft and PASS?


What if you could sit down with these guys and ask ’em any questions you wanted:

  • Tom Casey, Microsoft SQL Server BI General Manager. Tom’s giving the Thursday keynote about SQL Server’s business intelligence strategy beyond SQL Server 2008.  My guess (and this is only a guess, not based on any behind-the-scenes info) is that he’ll be talking about Kilimanjaro, the next feature pack for SQL Server, that starts to really empower BI users in Excel.
  • Wayne Snider, PASS Board President. He’s written books, he’s an MVP, and he’s the head honcho for the Professional Association for SQL Server community.
  • Bill Graziano, PASS Board Vice President of Marketing. I haven’t met Bill yet, but even if he was a hobo on the street, I’d have a special home in my heart for him because of the way PASS is giving so much access to bloggers at this year’s summit.

Well, speaking of that blogger access, it happens that I’ll have a chance to sit down with these guys and talk shop during the PASS Summit in Seattle next week. Normally, my hard-hitting interview style consists of questions like “What are you drinkin’?” and “Are you ready for another one?”  For these interviews, though, I’m pulling out all the stops, so I’m asking you, dear reader, what you would like to ask them?

Not to tip my hand too much, but here’s some of the things that have popped into my head so far:

  • To Tom: “Power users love Excel spreadsheets because they have absolute control over the data.  DBAs hate Excel spreadsheets because they have zero control over the data.  Is there a roadmap to make Excel sprawl management easier?”
  • To Wayne: “If you could wave a magic wand and change something about the SQL Server community, what would it be?  What problems do you really struggle with at PASS?”
  • To Bill: “What are you drinkin’, and are you ready for another one?”  No, just kidding.  I can’t give him a free pass even if he gave me one, so I’d probably ask, “PASS’s embrace of bloggers was fantastic this year.  How else is PASS changing to embrace social media?”

Help me out – what would you ask?

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