Live-blogging the Seattle PASS Summit Keynotes

Whoa – I’ve hit the big time!  I got an email inviting me to be one of a handful of SQL Server industry bloggers who’ll get reserved seating with power and internet access during the PASS Summit keynotes.  Awesome!  That means I’ll be able to post live updates via my Twitter feed and here on the blog.  (Maybe Ustream too, but no promises.)

Last year was my first PASS summit and I did my best to convey as much information here in my blog recaps as I could for people who couldn’t attend.  I knew I was really lucky to get the expenses approved and get the week off to go to Denver, and I was in the minority.  This year, things aren’t any better for a lot of us: travel budgets have gotten slashed, and it’s even harder to get travel approved.  This year, thanks to the PASS staff, it sounds like I’ll be able to post my updates even faster live from the keynote.

I love it.  When I find out who thought of this, I’m gonna buy ’em a beer.

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