Barack Obama’s campaign let Twitter down


So it’s the day after a really historic election: the first guy with a Twitter account to be elected as president!

What an awesome chance to send 140 characters of hope, change, dreams, opportunity, you name it. It’s so exciting!  Me personally, I’d have picked “Yes We Did!”  That would have been so cool, and people would have been retweeting it like crazy.

So what’d the campaign post when he won?


Here’s his Twitter stream as it still looks the morning after the election:

Barack Obama on Twitter
Barack Obama on Twitter

As a fellow Twitter user, regardless of my political alignments, I feel kinda bummed out about the campaign letting the ball drop like this.  They’d been really bangin’ out the tweets up til the election.  Why stop now?  I hope this isn’t one of those “changes we can believe in.”

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  • Give the staff a chance to get a good night’s rest for once! I think they have earned it after winning an election. Maybe wait 24 hours after the election before passing your judgement. I’m not bummed out that he might have higher priorities than keeping up with twitter.

  • As a whole I think there are way too many people obsessed with Social Networking and not enough interested in doing “real” work.

    Like any other addiction or fad the hope is it will fade or a 12 step program will be created.

  • Uh, psst, jlangdon, you do know that you’re commenting on a blog during work hours, right?

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’….

  • LOL

    He’s busy choosing the next Chief of Staff, Sec of State, blah…I don’t want him tweeting during this process…

    Don’t worry, he’s going to make up…

  • replying to Langdon. Wait till all these comments catch up with us a few yrs down the pike


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