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When DBAs ask where to go for simple, straightforward SQL Server tips, I usually point them to  That site puts out a fantastic daily newsletter with SQL notes, questions & answers, and general tips.

I’m not wild about daily email newsletters, but this one’s a gem.  It’s gotten even better since Peter Wardy started putting a personal editorial at the top of each issue.  Here’s the one from today:

“I was tasked to buy a mattress under blanket for a bed today and who would have thought that the process would be so complicated. I thought it would be as simple as choosing the correct size—king or queen. Little did I know that the decisions were endless; from summer and winter mattress protectors to underlay blankets with wool and magnetic touch zones and prices that ranged from $60 to over $800. When I think about the purchase decision of an under blanket it is very similar to an open source database.

When I went to the shop today all I wanted was an under blanket that would protect the mattress, keep me warm and provide some comfort. Whether that was a cotton one or a wool blend with a high pile did not worry me, I just wanted something that worked. When I choose a database it is the same as an under blanket, I want a database where I do not need to make decisions about which database engine I want to use. I want an engine that works no matter what my requirements rather than having to choose a different engine if I want transactions or a different engine again if I want Foreign Key constraints. I think one of the key benefits of SQL Server is that the behaviour is typically the same whether a single user is running Express Edition or a multinational corporation is running Enterprise Edition.” – Peter Wardy

The only things that would make this newsletter better are searchable online archives and an easier-to-find subscription link.  I can help out with that last one:

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  • Christian Hasker
    May 12, 2008 6:16 pm

    It would make life easier for your readers if you had a search field too. I was looking for a previous post the other day and it took me ages :). Of course, I am a moron, so it’s probably on here somewhere. I just can’t find it.

  • Brent you Rock,dude your a wealth of Infomation. I really appreciate this blog. There is now Light at the end of my IT tunnel.

  • Hahaha, thanks, man. I love giving back to the community, that’s for sure!


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