Code Camp Fort Lauderdale


Me at Florida Code Camp

It’s 7:30 AM, and I’m sitting in an empty conference room. Why? Because Mike Culver from Amazon Web Services is about to present sessions on S3 and EC2, two of my favorite upcoming technologies. I’ve been getting more and more involved with virtualization over the last year – Southern is running 2/3 of their Windows servers under VMware – and Amazon Web Services attracts me for its tie-ins with scalability and virtualization. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to use the technologies at Southern, but I’m still looking.

There’s actually a keynote starting shortly in another room, but I’m already camped out here in Mike’s conference room just to ensure a good seat in here.

Update after the sessions: Wow, this guy was great – funny, informative, and motivational.  Most of the attendees were interested right away, and asked great, pointed questions.  I didn’t learn much, but seeing EC2 in action made me abandon the rest of the day’s sessions and start playing with EC2 instead!  I’m curious to see if I can get it working as a low-powered DRP SQL Server using asynchronous database mirroring.

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