The Boutique Generation

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Tara Hunt blogged about the Boutique Generation, saying:

“You may be a member of the Boutique Generation if you:

  1. Enjoy shopping at your local pharmacy, grocer, clothing store where
    you know the owners and feel yourself going out of your way to give
    them business even if their prices are higher because you prefer to
    have the personalized service over cost reduction
  2. Enjoy shopping at specialty stores, like Cheese Emporiums,
    Perfumeries, Tea Shops, Sephora (drooool), etc. that carry a single,
    narrow type of product…”

The list goes on, and as I read through it, everything really rang true. It rang so close to home that I had to stop myself and ask, “I thought everybody felt this way?” I guess not, though, because when I drive past Wal-Mart parking lots, they’re almost always packed. That place is a zoo, and I can’t stand to step foot in there because it’s so utterly impersonal, so bland, so assembly-line. It’s not that I’m financially loaded and I can afford to shop at Saks – I can’t – but at least I can choose Target, where they offer more products with the types of personal stories that Tara’s article touches on.

Tara’s article is a real thought-provoker. The only thing I would suggest is that the word “generation” probably doesn’t apply. For example, my mom exhibits these exact same personality traits, and by definition, she’s a member of a different generation. (Don’t take offense to that, Mom.)

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  • Ah yes…you are right about the generational thing. It does span these. I suppose it should be Boutiquers or the Boutique Minded or the like. Maybe you can help me come up with a better descriptor than ‘generation’.


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