Ernie with her ears up

What?  What?  Can you repeat that?I can say with absolute certainty that our ittle Ernie is the most adorable little dog on the planet. Period.

Several times a week, Erika and I try various tricks to get her ears to pop up. Ernie quickly gets accustomed to these efforts like a virus resisting penicillin, and adapts her state of relaxation to ignore our outbursts of noise. As a result, it’s pretty hard to get a picture of her with her ears shooting out sideways. I’m not sure what we did to get this particular shot.

Something like a million people are still without power from Hurricane Katrina, but life here on the beach is back to normal. I went out for my coffee this morning and sat on the beach with a couple of chicken empanadas, and the only indication of anything out of the ordinary was the row of MTV satellite trucks. Not news trucks, mind you, but MTV trucks here for the Video Music Awards. There have been tons of celebrity sightings in the papers the last couple of days. Yesterday a big, fat Maybach limo sat idling across the street from us for half the day as the driver waited for his passengers to get done partying. Half a dozen Range Rovers and their chauffeurs waited nearby, with their chauffeurs standing around talking.

Speaking of celebrities and pictures, check out Glenn Feron’s portfolio called The Art of Retouching. Click on a picture and move your mouse back and forth over the image to see the before and after. He does retouching work with Photoshop to clean up photos. Great stuff. I’ve done enough Photoshop work to know what a good eye for details this takes.

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