Another good week

Overexcited.jpgJust got back from a week up in Dallas where I had all kinds of fun. We trashed Julian’s cubicle for his birthday, complete with balloons, aluminum foil, and post-it notes. I’ll put together a separate photo gallery of that this weekend.

Erika drove up to Dallas and surprised me on Thursday for dinner. She finally got to see the office (pictured here, with me a little too excited) and see the dump of a hotel where I’ve been staying. I’ve been a little too concerned about the company’s finances and not concerned enough about my own well-being: I’m never staying in that hole again. The lumpy pillows were the last straw. I swear, it was like sleeping on a giant popcorn kernel. I couldn’t get these things to flatten out no matter what.

I stayed overnight Friday to attend the Toyota Put It In Play event on Saturday, and what a great time. Dino, Phatmany, and a friend of hers helped me give some Toyotas a flogging. Got plenty of photos from that too. The bottom line: attend Put It In Play if it comes to a city near you. It’s a hoot.

But before I toss a multimedia gallery up, I need to unpack and unwind. And while I do, I’ll be listening to the new Better Than Ezra CD, Live At House of Blues New Orleans. The recording quality is superb, the set list reads like a Greatest Hits, and there’s even a DVD with the full event. I’m saving that one for when Erika and I can watch it together, though.

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