5 keyboards in the closet

keyboards.jpgYou know you’re a geek when find five separate keyboards in a closet, none of which have been hooked up to a computer for any discernable length of time.

The big black Toshiba has to be at least six years old. I got it when I was working as a network admin and we got some really cool black Toshiba desktop computers. I remember they were among the first to have software power-on and power-off with Windows 95. If you splurged (and we did) on the matching black Toshiba monitors, they had a really cool volume knob on the monitor. It had a great feel to it, like a high-end stereo component, very smooth action.

The black Dells were on sale at Directron for something like $2. I got them because Erika liked the Dell QuietKey “feel”, and they were cheap. I figured someday I’d set up her own computer, and I’d use these. She has one of my old laptops now, so no need for these.

The white Dells I’m not so sure about.

All of ’em are going into the trash. I’m really not a packrat at all. I have no idea how these made it through moving from the apartment to the house.

And yeah, those are my feet in the edge of the picture.

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