I’m in Linux!

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I’m typing this from Mozilla (as usual) via Xandros 2.0 (nowhere near usual.) After giving up on third-party video cards and making do with the onboard integrated Intel video, the installation went smoothly. I’ve done the security upgrades and basic application upgrades, and things seem to be going well so far. Much to my surprise, my ATI TV tuner card works flawlessly – I’m watching Dream Car Garage in a window. Plus, I’ve got Kompete set up with my instant messaging accounts.

Now on to the tougher stuff. By the end of the day, I want to have VPN, Citrix, and Crossover Office set up so that I can use Dreamweaver. Wish me luck.

The black, powered-down IBM flat panel next to me is aggravating me, though.

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  • hey there i just thought that i would let you know that my matrox g450 card installed with out me doing a single thing in xandros bisness 2.0. yes it is true. But that is not good enough for me apparently as my computer is bogging down due to the running of my windowz 2000 install running in VMware in the background. Ps setting up VMware was a wile party in xandros but once set up works verry well. I am trying to get my MX440 card working now so my computer actualy moves at a reasonable pace. Peace bro and best of luck to you and hey i hope this makes sence as i am mostly asleep and my eyes have little spotts infront of em, Hey i like your squril very much. WHen my computers make me want to break things i squeez my cat. so there ya go.



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