Two is better than one,

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Two is better than one, especially when it comes to CPU’s. I’m now running a dual-P3 1ghz machine for my main desktop. I got frustrated with my slow frame rates on Grand Theft Auto III, so I went out to Directron and picked up a Gigabyte GA-6VTXD motherboard and two processors. Originally I got 1.2ghz ones, but it turns out those don’t work in multiprocessor systems. Took me two hours to track that helpful little piece of information down. Things are running great now, though. I can play GTA3 and still leave my webcam, mail checker, Trillian, and other programs running.

As usual, the folks at Directron were helpful, friendly, and above all, knowledgable. I just wish they were open on Saturdays more often, because I’d give them more business. Take today, for example – I’m heading off to the store again today, though. The refurb printer I got a few months back bit the dust a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been driving me crazy not having a printer. I’d buy one from Directron, but they’re closed on Sundays, so I’m heading over to Fry’s.

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