OK, now that was bizarre.

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OK, now that was bizarre. I was goofing around with my new combo cell phone/pda, setting it up, and somehow I goofed up the settings on my web cam. For the past 12 hours or so, it’s been capturing images from my TV card. People pulling up my webcam were seeing Fox26 here in Houston. That’s actually pretty darned cool – I guess I could set this thing up to take screen shots of CNN or something if I want some privacy. Neato.

Anyway, that’s not even why I called you here today, ladies and gentlemen. Back to the phone – I got a used Kyocera 6035 for $75, which sure beats the $400 I didn’t really want to spend on a new Handspring Treo. I travel a lot, and I wanted the ability to send & receive emails from anywhere without hassling with laptops or cell phone “keyboards”. This is a Palm PDA, so it has handwriting recognition, and I gotta say it’s cool so far. It browses the web, too, but since it’s only connected at 14.4, that’s nothing to get excited about. I’ll do a full review soon in my Buying Time section.

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  • Those Palm OS devices rocked! I bought one of the very first Palm 500 back in 1996 or 1997, and then various iterations from Compaq & Sony (Clié was great!). The color Clié version with the flip screen was absolutely gorgeous.. just sad it stopped working one day and never found a replacement. Moved on to a Nokia N800 which was a great PDA too…


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