No computer upgrade is complete

No computer upgrade is complete without a little blood loss. My desktop started locking up randomly today, and I realized I was using a power supply with a questionable history from Erika’s old computer. I had to make yet another run out for computer gear, this time blowing $50 on a new Antec power supply.

When testing it, I inadvertently stuck my finger in the running CPU fan, and chopped off a hunk of skin. Good fan. Moves quick. Thumbs up from me. Anyway, it’s been running for nearly an hour now, so that’s a Good Thing.

I put off going out until the end of the Indy 500, and man am I glad. That was easily the best finish I’ve ever seen, with Helio rolling to the finish with barely enough fuel to make the victory lap. My dad took me to Indy several times, and it’s the only racing event I love to watch.

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