My vacation memories: Frys. I’ve

My vacation memories: Frys. I’ve made half a dozen trips to Frys this week grabbing various little bits and pieces. My home server (which serves the web site you’re looking at) was powered by a clapped-out Celeron 400, which has been replaced with a hand-me-down 800 from my desktop. I bought a new 1.3ghz cpu for my desktop, but it turns out my motherboard won’t take higher than a 1ghz. More trips to Frys, and now I’ve got a P3-933 in my desktop, and more fans for my home server. (It uses SCSI drives, and it’s been getting way too hot.)

I can’t say enough good things about the folks in the CPU department at Frys. I asked for the quietest CPU cooler they had, and the woman knew exactly where to find it. These people are always on top of things.

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