Mastering Server TuningYou need to speed up a SQL Server, but you’re not sure where to begin. Is it a database problem? A query issue? Not enough hardware? Goofy SQL Server settings? Good news – I do this for a living, and I’ll teach you how in 3 days of learning and fun. Join me, Brent Ozar, as I explain how to assess your SQL Server’s bottlenecks and figure out where to focus your tuning efforts.

Labs & lectures include:

  • How to use sp_BlitzFirst to identify your server’s top bottlenecks
  • How to fix common wait types like CXPACKET, PAGEIOLATCH, LCK%, SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD
  • How to identify and mitigate poison wait types like RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE and THREADPOOL
  • How to prove that your changes made things better
  • How to decide whether configuration changes, query/index tuning, or hardware/VM changes will give you the biggest bang for the buck

Let’s start with the introductions. We introduce ourselves, you included, then explain the server you’ll be using as your playground this week, and how its storage is configured.

And then click on the modules on the right side of the page to keep moving through the class.