Mastering Server TuningYou need to speed up a SQL Server, but you’re not sure where to begin. Is it a database problem? A query issue? Not enough hardware? Goofy SQL Server settings? Good news – I do this for a living, and I’ll teach you how in 3 days of learning and fun. Join me, Brent Ozar, as I explain how to assess your SQL Server’s bottlenecks and figure out where to focus your tuning efforts.

Labs & lectures include:

  • How to use sp_BlitzFirst to identify your server’s top bottlenecks
  • How to fix common wait types like CXPACKET, PAGEIOLATCH, LCK%, SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD
  • How to identify and mitigate poison wait types like RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE and THREADPOOL
  • How to prove that your changes made things better
  • How to decide whether configuration changes, query/index tuning, or hardware/VM changes will give you the biggest bang for the buck

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We introduce ourselves, you included, then start the first lab:

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