Mastering Index Tuning

You need to speed up a SQL Server app, but you only want to make index changes. You don’t want to buy hardware, change SQL Server, or change the code. Good news – I’ll teach you how in 3 days of learning and fun. Join me, Brent Ozar, as I explain how to make your SQL Server apps go faster just by tuning the indexes.

Labs & lectures include:

  • How to deduplicate & prune an existing database with too many indexes
  • How to use sp_BlitzIndex to design the right nonclustered indexes for specific queries
  • How to assess a large workload and prioritize which tables/indexes to work on first
  • How to convert badly-performing recommended indexes into blazing-fast hand-tuned indexes
  • How to know when filtered indexes, indexed views, and indexed computed columns will pay off
  • How to measure whether your index changes made things better, or worse

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Introductions and Setting Up Lab 1

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