Can I change the number of people in my team?

Sure, go into the My Account page, and in your subscriptions, click the Upgrade/Downgrade button. You can pick the new tier at any time and pay a prorated difference (or get a prorated refund) based on your tier change and how much time is left in your subscription.

How do you know how many people are in my team?

We take your word for it. It’s a small world out there. If you bought for one person, and your company’s about-me page lists half a dozen SQL Server consultant, we’ll send you a polite email, but it’ll be polite, we promise.

Can I customize the queries it runs?

We don’t officially support that yet, because it’ll be kinda painful for you to manage each time we bring out a new version. (Remember, the app has a 90-day time limit built in because we want to make sure everybody’s on the latest version of the diagnostic queries.)

You could technically do it by going into the Resources folder and editing the querymanifest.json file, and editing the query files. If you do that, just be mindful to only add NEW queries, or REMOVE existing queries completely. That’ll make it much easier for you to deal with the differences every 90 days.

Now that we’re selling this app to the public, this is probably the first feature on the roadmap, though. We haven’t done design on this yet, but my guess is that we’re going to let you add a querymanifest_custom.json or something to that effect – where you can add your own queries. That way, whenever you download a new version from us, you’d just copy in your querymanifest_custom.json, and off you go.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to the My Account page, and in your subscriptions, hit cancel. The status will change to “Pending Cancellation,” which means you can still access your downloads until your renewal date. At that point, it’ll change to plain ol’ Cancelled, and you won’t be charged a renewal.

I have a question that’s not listed here…

Email us. We can’t promise answers, but we promise to act really interested in the question.