Richie Rump, Plastic Brick Surgeon

Richie-Rump-Finger-Pointing I’m all about getting neck deep into solutions, finding the core problems and creating creative solutions to get applications running fast. I’m also a big fan of creating tools that help identify issues in both applications and in databases. I often describe myself as a dataveloper, comfortable working with code and databases.

To act as if we’ve been friends for years, raise these subjects in conversation:

  • T-SQL performance especially in multi-terabyte databases
  • Object Relational Mappers like Entity Framework
  • Index tuning
  • Creating software tooling
  • Building technical communities

When I’m off the clock I lead the dotNet Miami user group, co-host of the Away From The Keyboard podcast, speak at various technical conferences around the country, assemble large Lego sets, and showing my daughters every secret in every Zelda game.

Contact me via a mindlessly easy web form.