SQL Interview Questions

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Interviewing and hiring database administrators is tough for managers.  It’s hard to understand what a DBA does, let alone whether or not the DBA is good at it.  This is especially difficult in shops with just one DBA, and that DBA is now gone – or when you’re hiring your first DBA.

  1. Core DBA questions (23 minutes) – things I think most DBAs should know
  2. Infrastructure DBA questions (19m) – hardware, storage, virtualization, Windows
  3. Development DBA questions (20m) – performance tuning queries and indexes
  4. Screenshot questions (13m) – I show you a screenshot, and you tell me what you see
  5. Open-ended questions (10m) – story-telling questions where I want you to talk about your experience and this job
  6. Bad DBA Job Detector Test (19m) – how to gauge your own goals first, then how to read a job description and understand whether it makes sense for you

Developer, Sysadmin, and SQL Interview Questions

Good Tips for Interviewing Database Administrators

  • How to Hire Top Talent – First of all, you’re not the only one looking.  But guess what? You’re probably looking for the wrong person, and you’re almost certainly asking the wrong questions.
  • The Myth of the Perfectly Qualified Candidate – companies look for someone with exactly the right amount of experience – but what kind of employee has it?  I explain.
  • (SQL Server) Size Matters – how to determine if a DBA’s experience is right for your company.
  • Tips for Hiring a DBA – my thoughts after going through the interview process at a few companies.
  • Show Candidates Their Work Areas – and watch their reactions.  It’ll help you gauge if they’re a good fit for you, plus give you insight about your environment.

Interview Tips for Candidates

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