sp_Blitz® Result: Failsafe Operator Not Configured

Fail ... Safe???
Fail … Safe???

A Fail-safe Operator is used if:

  • msdb is unreachable by SQL Agent services
  • Attempts to contact other Operators have failed
  • No other Operators are on duty

Information about the Fail-safe Operator is stored in the registry so it can be accessed if SQL has had an oopsie.

This part of our SQL Server sp_Blitz script checks sp_MSgetalertinfo to make sure failsafe operators are configured.

To Fix the Problem

Reconfigure your SQL Server Agent to have a failsafe operator using the steps below.

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How to Configure a Failsafe Operator for SQL Server Agent

There’s a couple pre-requisites before you get started, or the steps below won’t work:

  1. You need to have Database Mail configured first
  2. You also need to have an operator configured

After that, you’re ready to go!

Right click on SQL Server Agent, select Properties, then navigate to the Alert System page. Configure it like the image below:

  • Enable a mail profile
  • Choose Database Mail as the Mail System
  • Choose the appropriate Mail Profile
  • Enable a fail-safe operator
  • Choose the operator
  • Choose Email as the Notification type
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