How to Set Up a SQL Server Agent Operator

telephone-operator-shutterstock_101052916No SQL Server Agent operators have been configured.  This is a free, easy way to get notified of corruption, job failures, or major outages even before monitoring systems pick it up.  This part of our SQL Server sp_Blitz script checks msdb.dbo.sysoperators looking for enabled operators.

To Fix the Problem

Use the steps below to set up an operator. Only then will an operator be standing by.

How to Set Up a SQL Server Agent Operator

First, do the Prerequisite Step

You need to have Database Mail configured to make this all work.

Now, create Your Operator

After that, creating an operator is just a matter of expanding SQL Server Agent, right clicking on Operators, and selecting ‘New Operator’.

Remember to give it a valid email address, preferably a distribution list, so that many people can respond to problems. Single points of failure are no fun.

Click the ‘Script’ button after you set up this page for a portable version

Test Your Operator!

You should now receive an email alert when you run the following test alert in SQL Server Management Studio:

If you don’t get the email, revisit  your Database Mail Setup.

Next Stop, SQL Agent Alerts

Check out our SQL Server Alerts page.  After this change, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing your SQL Server is working well.  Or you’ll be awakened constantly by the sound of your phone because SQL isn’t working well.  Either way, you’re a winner.